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Business Line Rental 

When you ask us to take over your existing line (or provide a new one) we become your service provider. We offer attractive discounts on existing and new phone lines of all types, with excellent call rates.

Everything else stays the same, including your telephone number and the utilisation of the same engineering force for installation and repairs. We offer standard exchange lines, ISDN2 lines and ISDN30 lines.  


Home Line Rental

Our award-winning landline service

  • FREE evening and weekend calls to UK landlines
  • FREE anytime calls to Utility Warehouse landlines + mobiles
  • Choice of extra features

Non Geographic Numbers

There are many reasons why a business might choose to use a non-geographic phone number, including:

  • creating a perception that the business is national
  • generating revenue as additional income or service cost coverage
  • number portability - not dependent on business location
  • a Freephone number can substantially increase sales calls
  • comprehensive call handling solutions can be incorporated
  • multiple NGNs can be used to monitor your marketing
  • business continuity, by rerouting of the NGN

But NGNs can offer you so much more than just a number; you can use the online tools to offer even more flexibility:

  • Time plans
  • Day plans
  • Monitor stats on incoming calls
  • Call recording

If you are interested in what Passage Telecoms can offer, speak to us and we can discuss the best number for you.

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