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VoIP Telephony


Hosted VoIP

Many businesses are realising that instead of tying up capital in an office telephone system they can get an equivalent (or in many cases superior) set of facilities by taking advantage of Channel Telecom’s latest business grade, Voice over IP (VoIP), network-based, next generation telephone service.

A hosted telephony service is a revolutionary way to deliver the facilities you need from an office phone system, without the capital outlay, ongoing maintenance or support challenges of a system located on your site(s).

Do not confuse this business oriented VoIP service with consumer brands like Skype. Our Hosted VoIP service is optimised for businesses like yours.

Our service provides a considerable range of both simple and advanced business features delivered over a data network connection to centralised servers, remotely hosted in dedicated data centres. The flexibility and major financial, business and technical benefits make this an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Top benefits:

  • Reduced costs – next to no capital outlay, no maintenance, no upgrade charges
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Highly reliable with disaster recovery built in
  • Huge range of features that users can manage themselves
  • Multi-sited organisations can act as a single entity with one numbering plan and with all their inter site calls being totally free of the usual per minute charges
  • Particularly effective for serving home and remote workers so that they benefit from the full set of features of your phone system

SIP Trunks

Even if you aren't ready to move to a fully hosted service for all your sites, it's still possible to enjoy a number of the benefits of next generation telephony. 

In its simplest form this involves setting up a VoIP connection from your phone system and using this for your inbound and/or outbound calls, instead of using traditional phone lines like ISDN. If your phone system supports the SIP protocol and is approved for connection to our service, then you need no additional hardware to get SIP trunks up and working. In fact we can potentially turn on your SIP service within a day!

If this isn't possible then you can use a gateway product from Channel Telecom to link it to our SIP trunking service. It means you can benefit from the investment made in your existing phone system while at the same time replacing your expensive ISDN circuits. This approach also allows a gentle and often seamless migration path towards a fully hosted telephony service.

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